Monday, January 26, 2009

name that blog...

There is nothing more intimidating than endless possibility. When faced with a decision I have a fairly easy time choosing between the options placed in front of me.  Like...  Regular or Decaf? Regular. (as if that's even a question.) Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi. The red shirt or the pink shirt? Both. When two clear paths are marked in front of me I can decide which one I'd like to traverse.  However, when there's like a million different roads and I could even make up my own road if I wanted to, I am absolutely overwhelmed. So here I am, staring at this dark, blank page trying to figure out what in the world I should name my little blog. A name is sort of a big deal for a blog. The tone will be set by it, the few people who click on the link will decide whether they want to read it or not, and since it's mine I feel like it should represent me, which is tough to do since I pack a whole lot of randomness and personality into this petite frame. 

So... my challenge to you my dear friends and hopefully my future readers is this:

Name that blog.


  1. how about
    Cams Jams
    No ODARs allowed
    simply profound
    linguistic delicacies from the worlds menu

  2. cam i am (ode to seuss)

    blah, blah, blog (nevermind, comes off rude and/or boring, and either way does not describe you or the blog)

    deep thoughts (ode to SNL)

    cambrialliant (too hard to pronounce? not self-depricating enough or in the slightest?)


    stinky cheese (i have no idea why, but i can't stop laughing)

    hmmm, not there yet, i'll have to get back to you